Not all bathroom trends are for you. And no, I’m not talking about the style, size or beauty. I’m not even referring to the affordability of installation but the high cost of maintenance. If you make a poor choice on this note, you may soon discover that the one gorgeously looking tapware and other accessories weren’t a great choice after all. When some of these trendy bathroom styles appear as pictures, you may not think twice about it.

On the other hand, when the rubber touches the road about maintaining them, you may find much more than you bargained for. You may soon discover that your initial love for the combination may cost you much more. So, instead of banking on the trends you see online and cashing in on them, this article can dig up the nitty-gritty of some of these choices to guide your choice. Your bathroom deserves to be exceptional and exquisite. But a wrong choice of tapware can ruin all that.

How do you identify a terrible choice of tapware in this regard? A beautiful tapware that fails in functionality and operation is a terrible choice. A poor tapware that cost much more to maintain than install is a wrong choice too. Therefore, before you fall victim to some of this supposedly beautiful tapware that are of low value, take note of the following observations. Even if it does not look like what you can cope with at first, be patient to read it all and ponder in your mind.

5 High-Maintenance Bathroom Trends

  1. Freestanding claw bath

One item that can become an ultimate focal point in your bathroom is installing a freestanding claw bath. At the same time, this item could attract dust bunnies and hair nests because of some hidden elements. For instance, the continuous use of a freestanding claw bath indicates that you have so much dirt hidden from privy eyes. Just imagine the picture you get the day an old sofa is moved from its regular position. 

So many human shedding can get hidden under the freestanding claw bath, which may serve as a hidden tunnel. Moreover, the high edges of the freestanding bath can make it extremely difficult to get in and out of it. At the same time, it lacks a ledge, which implies that it will be hard to store bath products on it. And if you decide to combine the freestanding claw bath with a shower, how will you manage to keep the water inside the tub while in use? And again, how effective will it be to have a functional and appealing condition for the shower curtain?

  1. Wall Hung Vanity

Another high maintenance item that should trigger your caution is the hanging vanity in the wall of the bathroom or toilet. The presence of this object often makes the bathroom appear much more significant than it already is while prolonging the general floor surface area. But the void below the vanity may create extra space for other objects, such as an accumulation of specks of dust and dirt, as in the case of freestanding baths. Furthermore, the wall hung vanities are usually smaller than the regular ones and give you much less space for storage. If you then have to place toiletries and other related products within the vanity space, then be ready for a game of Tetris.

  1. Vessel Basins and Shallow Above-Counter Basins

When you examine the vessel basins with shallow above-counter basins that are part of the modern collection, you see something different each time. Since the innovations broke into the mainstream group of tapware, it has drawn a lot of attraction. But it also comes with the kind of maintenance that can be very expensive for homeowners. In addition, there is another type of tapware that does not like mounting powder and makeup particles on it. 

Furthermore, you may find a lot of splashback in the vessel basins alongside its counterpart, the above-counter basins. There is a short distance between the basins and the tap spout, which often leads to water splashing on the mirror around. At the same time, the use of vessel basins can prove challenging for young children to wash their hands. 

The reason is simple: these styles of basins add an extra height which makes it more difficult for children to reach. And when they try to force their way up to the basin, they may spill a lot of water to the floor. More so, the parents may still have to return to wipe the areas where the kids have been. Alternatively, the kids can support their heights with a stool. 

  1. Pop-up Waste

Pop-up waste is becoming more and more popular in the natural design among modern basins. At the same time, you can get different colours of the item from an online store such as the Tile and Bath Co. However, this category of bathroom item can become more notorious for being stuck or block up through toothpaste and hair. 

So, a more economical approach to this matter is regular cleaning the wastes to avoid getting stuck. Also, you can prevent the importance of putting some money away from replacement due to getting it fixed. Alternatively, you can also contact a tool such as a screwdriver to pop out any hidden waste.

  1. Black tiles

Indeed, black tiles can look very beautiful in your bathroom. Still, it takes as much regular cleaning effort to maintain them. So, before you install black tiles on your floor and your bathroom walls, ensure you have good preparation for routine cleaning. At the same time, if you have any black fixtures on the bathroom surface, you may also see the appearance of watermarks on the surface. Also, it shows not only marks but also reveals soap scum. If you must have black tiles in your bathroom, you should also complement it with compatible options with white veins. This way, you can ensure that there remains camouflage water and soap marks on the floor.